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  2. irangh:

    daramghaus anniversary

    Chipmunk & Puppy Wing

    3D character portrait, 2014
    Characters of daramghaus

  3. daramghaus Anniversary

    We have been working together the name of daram corporation in 2006,
    and renamed to daramghaus while making the app for the first time in the winter of 2012.
    This April 11, daramghaus become 8th anniversary.

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    Moment Camera Free Event

    Our app “Moment Camera" was featured on AppStore: "New and Noteworthy" 
    Photo Category(US), Beautiful Pixels, GIZMODO: App of the day and The Next Web.
    We started free event in darmghaus Annyversary week, 2014.4.6 ~ 11.

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    daramghaus Sticker, Coming Soon!

    And today, we reveal the daramghaus sticker teaser.
    We are going to be uploaded to the creator market for messenger.
    Coming Soon!

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    daramghaus Sticker original sketch

    illustrated by Choi Daahey
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    Thank you.

  4. 옷걸이 UltraLight (at 강남대로)

  5. Tagshot, Inc. X  daramghaus


    1 Day Photo Sharing Service

    Share your everyday life in more private and fun way through TAGSHOT.
    Photos will be deleted automatically after the valid time you set, therefore unnecessary exposure of your privacy and personal information is lessen. Photos shared through SNS doesn’t have to be remained anymore, it only has to be shown at the moment.

    © Tagshot, Inc. tagshot1day
    designed by daramghaus

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  7. 배가 고픈 어린 다람쥐

  8. 악세사리 주머니 #handmade (인조가죽)

  9. daramghaus:

    Icon Mask for iOS6 and iOS7

    Free license
    Download: http://daramghaus.com/icontester/mask


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  10. generalstrikeposters:

    2013.12.28 PM 3:00

    by isangho
    download poster pdf

  11. Moment Camera

    The precious Moment of you and me.

    Using self-timer and sequential shooting function, never lose the moment you want to remember.

    Download on the AppStore: Moment Camera

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  12. Mac Dro
    by isangho

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  13. Clip bird #whitagram #iPaddrawing #drawing

  14. daramghaus:

    Moment Camera updated ver 1.4.
    Please update Moment Camera on the App Store.

    What’s New in this Version
    - Bug fixed
    - More clean design
    - iOS7 support

  15. daramghaus:

    daramghaus Interview(Korean) - Notefolio Magazine
    노트폴리오 메거진에 다람쥐하우스의 인터뷰가 실렸습니다!

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